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Full text of "The Letters Of Horace Walpole Vol I"

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To Horace, Mann
I six on Tuesday l.    Wo wore in great fears of his coming ough the City, aftor the treason that has been publishing these two months; but it is incredible how well his option was; beyond what it had ever been before: in >rt, you would have thought that it had not been a week er the victory of Dottingon.    They almost carried him ;o the palace on their shoulders ; and at night _the whole vn was illuminated and bonfirod.   He looks much better an he has for those- five years, and is in great spirits, le Duke limps  a  littlo.   Tho King's reception of the ince3, who was como to St. James's to wait for him, and 10 mot him on tho stairs with his two sisters8 and the ivy councillors, was not so gracious—J9as un mot—though e Princess was  brought   to  bed the day before*, and rinco George is ill of the small-pox.   It is very unpopular! on will possibly, by next week, hear great things; hitherto, 1 is silence,  expectation, struggle, and ignorance.    The rthday is kopt on Tuesday, when the Parliament was * have mot j but that can't be yet. Lord  Iloldorness  has  brought home a Dutch bride": hare not soon her.    The Duke of Richmond had a letter esterday from Lady Albomarlo °, at Altona.   She says the 'rince of Denmark in not so tall as his bride, but far from bad figuro: ho is thin, and not ugly, except having too •dde a mouth.    When she returns, as I know her particu-wly, I will tell you more ; for the present, I think I have
LVTTIGR 1B4.—l Nov. 15.
2 Of Wales.
8 Princesses Amelia and Caroline,
* Of a Bon, I'rinoo William Henry jr. Duko of (Houoostor, 1704), who aftrriod (1766) Haruoo Walpolo's dooo, Mario, Walpolo, Dowager JountoBS Waldogravo. He died in 805.
» Mario (d. 1801), daughter of ?ran9oia Doublet, Member of tho
States of Holland; m. (1748) Eobert Darcy, fourth Earl of Holdernesse.
8 Lady Anne Lenox, sister of the Duke of Richmond, and wife of William Anne van Keppel, Earl of Albomarle: she had been Lady of the Dcdohamber to the Queen; and this year conducted Princess Louisa to Altona, to be married_to the Prince Koyal of Denmark.